long-term peace of mind

Sinks and bowls carry a lifetime warranty* against genuine material and manufacturing defects. Taps carry a five-year warranty*. against material and manufacturing defects, while surface finish and valves carry a two-year warranty*.

care and maintenance

Every River collection sink and tap has been manufactured to deliver years of trouble-free use. However, to keep the heart of your home looking its absolute best we recommend washing, rinsing and drying your sink after each use. We also suggest a weekly clean with a trusted sink cleaner.

tips for stainless steel sinks
While bleach and chlorides are undoubtedly effective at cleaning, they can also be damaging to your sink if left on for long periods. Please avoid prolonged contact with these solutions and be sure to thoroughly rinse from the sink surface after use. It’s also important they are completely flushed through pipework after use. Always wipe the sink down after rinsing and apply a stainless steel cleaning solution on a weekly basis.

If you live in a hard water area, you may be susceptible to limescale deposits. These can easily be removed by cleaning the sink thoroughly after every use with a solution of three parts hot water to one part white vinegar. Please remember to rinse and dry your sink thoroughly after applying this method.

Like most metallic surfaces, your stainless steel sink will scratch over time. However, don’t worry as these are simply usage marks and will eventually blend into the overall finish of the sink. It’s also important to apply any cleaning solution with a cloth, never use an abrasive pad.

tips for granite sinks
Once again, avoid using bleach and chlorides for long periods as they can cause irreplaceable damage to your granite sink. If however you live in a hard water area, a diluted bleach solution can be used to help remove any limescale deposits. Always wipe the sink down after rinsing away the bleach and apply a granite sink cleaning liquid to the surface.

tips for ceramic sinks
To remove most everyday stains from your sink, simply wipe the sink down with warm soapy water and a cloth after use then dry thoroughly. In most cases china rubbers will clear away marks, which we recommend using with washing up liquid.

In hard water areas limescale deposits can build up on the sink over time. The limescale can also become strongly coloured by drinks such as coffee and red wine, so we recommend the use of a solution of three parts hot water to one part white vinegar to remove the deposits. Simply apply, leave for a few minutes, then rinse away with water. If stains become ingrained in the bowl, an overnight soak using diluted biological washing powder should easily remove the marks.

It’s important strong chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, caustic soda, white spirit and sterilising solutions are never poured down the sink. If this should accidentally happen, quickly wipe the spill away and rinse with plenty of water to avoid long-term damage. It’s also important to avoid dropping sharp objects into the sink, as this may scratch or damage the surface.

taking care of your taps
Due to the more decorative nature of taps, it’s essential you avoid using abrasive powders or scouring pads to clean them. In almost every case, warm soapy water and a cloth will restore them to their original shining glory.

As with your sinks, limescale can have an adverse effect on your tap. In the event the tap nozzle becomes clogged we recommend cleaning it with an old toothbrush in order to brush away the unwanted deposits. We also suggest periodically removing the nozzle and soaking in a diluted white vinegar solution to prolong its life.

Debris, grit and contaminants within the water system should always be flushed through the system prior to the installation and commissioning of your tap to ensure they do not come into contact with, or damage/clog, the valves within the tap.

we’re here to help

For advice on any product or service, or to report a fault and make a warranty claim, please call 0121 561 4245 or email sales@riversinksandtaps.co.uk